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Name and LinkAuspiced byYear of publicationWhen visitedNotes
Global Soil Biodiversity AtlasEuropean Commission, Joint Research Centre2015June,2023Essential download
State of Knowledge of Soil BiodiversityFAO, ITPS, GSBI, CBD and EC2020June, 2023Extremely useful
Soil Terminology and DefinitionsOhio State University Extension2012July, 2023Online glossary
Introduction to Soil ScienceIowa State University2023September, 2023Free textbook
Food, soil, water: how the extinction of insects would transform our planetThe Guardian2023November, 2023
RECSOIL: Recarbonization of global agricultural soilsFAO2020November, 2023
Putting Carbon back where it belongs - the potential of carbon sequestration in the soilUNEP2019November, 2023
Soil carbon sequestration as a climate change solutionCary Institute2021November, 2023
Soil Organic Carbon: the hidden potentialFAO2017November, 2023 90 page pdf
Multiple dimensions of soil food-web research: History and prospectsEuropean Journal of Soil Biology2023September, 2023
Enumerating soil biodiversityPNAS2023September, 2023
Soil ContaminantsSoil Science Society of America2023August, 2023
Comprehensive assessment of harmful heavy metals in contaminated soil in order to score pollution levelNature: Scientific Reports2023August, 2023
Soil improvements could keep planet within 1.5C heating target, research showsThe Guardian2023August, 2023
Meet the biocrust: the community of plants and microbes keeping 700 million tonnes of dust on the groundCosmos Magazine2022August, 2023
Revealing the millipede and other soil-macrofaunal biodiversity in Hong Kong using a citizen science approachBiodiversity Data Journal2022August, 2023
What is nitrogen pollution?UNEP2023October, 2023
The Living SoilSustainable Agriculture Research and Education2021May, 2023Chapter 4 of free book Building Soils for Better Crops
Soil-Based Carbon SequestrationMIT Climate Portal2021May, 2023
The role of soils in delivering Nature's Contributions to PeopleThe Royal Society2021June, 2023Issue of Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B containing 16 articles about soil ecosystem services
Glossary of Soil ScienceSoil Science Society of America2023July, 2023Useful glossary
IYS VideosSoil Science Society of America2015July, 2023Series of videos made to celebrate the International Year of Soils
The Microbe Factor and Its Role in Our Climate FutureYale School of the Environment2010July, 2023
Microplastics Can Change Soil Properties and Affect Plant PerformanceEnvironmental Science and Technology2019July, 2023
Mesofauna Definition and ExamplesLink to Media2023May, 2023
Want clean water? Filter with soilMichigan State University2015June, 2023
Soil invertebrates: getting to know life in the soilXerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation2021May, 2023Video
Duration: 85 minutes
Soil texture and environmental conditions influence the biogeochemical responses of soils to drought and floodingCOMMUNICATIONS EARTH & ENVIRONMENT2021June, 2021
The Impact of Drought Stress on Soil Microbial Community, Enzyme Activities and Plants Agronomy 2022July, 2023
Genetic soil prospecting yields wealth of potential antibioticsPhys.org2018June, 2023
How Soil Biota Drive Ecosystem StabilityTrends in Plant Science2018May, 2023$Charge for full text of article
Ecosystems impairment caused by soil pollutionFAO2021June, 2023Chapter 4 of free online book about soil pollution
Global Soil Biodiversity InitiativeGlobal Soil Biodiversity Initiative n. d.June, 2023Various resources recommended by GSBI
Soil food web properties explain ecosystem services across European land use systemsProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)2013May, 2023
Soil biology test – Pitfall trapsRegeneration Academyn.d.June, 2023
Soil Erosion 101Natural Resources Defense Council2021May, 2023
Soil Fauna Diversity - Function, Soil Degradation, Biological Indices, Soil RestorationLameed Gbolagade Akeem, University of Ibadan2012June, 2023
Understanding DroughtsNational Geographicn. d.May, 2023
MongaBayMongabay2023 (current publication)May, 2023Do a search for soil to locate numerous relevant articles.
Soil Science BooksDepartment of Education Open Textbook Pilot Project, the UC Davis Office of the Provost, the UC Davis Library, the California State University Affordable Learning Solutions Program, and Merlotn.d.May 2023Part of the LibreTexts Library -Geosciences series
Microorganisms found in soil with effects and examplesSagar Aryal2022June, 2023
Soil biota contributions to soil aggregationEuropean PMC Funders Group2017June, 2023
Meta-analysis of the impact of plant invasions on soil microbial communitiesBMC Ecology and Evolution2021July, 2023
Soil Health 101: Everything You Need to KnowEcoWatch2022August, 2023Good summary article centered around Soil Carbon
Soil microbiome indicators can predict crop growth response to large-scale inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungiNature Microbiology2023March, 2024
Article on efficacy of mycorrhizal innoculation
The State of Knowledge of Soil BiodiversityFAOn.d.March, 2024
‘Vital for looking after the soil’: fears as UK earthworm population declinesThe Guardian2024April, 2024
More than half of Earth’s species live in the soil, study findsThe Guardian2023April, 2024

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For a bit of light relief, here is a word search game covering terms used in discussing soil.

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